Pryse is a Nigerian rapper who is all set to storm the music industry. Born and bred in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, as Princess Esindu, she started rapping for church at the tender age of ten with her older brother, now popular US-based producer G.O.A (Giant of Africa). She was encouraged down the path of music/entertainment by her family, who owned and ran one of the best recording studios in Port Harcourt – Frontline TV Studios.

Pryse spent most of her teenage years listening to Jay Z, writing rhymes and recording songs. At the age of sixteen, she was an active member of the All Out Squad, a hip-hop crew which consisted of G.O.A, and others. Artistes she has worked with include, Frank D ‘Nero, Zubi, Mack Gee, Double Kay, Rha tha Answer and others.

She moved to the UK to study for a degree in Media and Communication, where she eventually started making music again. After graduating from NTU in 2011, she moved back to Nigeria because she felt the game was ripe for a true female lyricist and was more than willing and capable to fill that void. Her main influences include Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, M.I., Drake and others. She is appreciates a wide range of genres which reflect in her art as a true music lover.