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The social programme is divided into three parts, sport and activity sessions, evening activities and excursions. In your role, you are expected to provide safe, fun and developmental sessions that ultimately engage and entertain the students.

If you feel that you have the necessary skills and qualifications, please email a copy of your CV to [email protected]. Summer school management is in a world of its own. In what other temporary job would you get such an exhilarating mix of cultures, people and situations? To say it is hectic is an understatement but to certain high-achieving, well-organised, skilled individuals with killer senses of humour, it is a lot of fun and somewhat addictive.

They will provide the necessary support in order to ensure that matters of safeguarding and the promotion of student welfare are paramount and that all staff, Group Leaders and students understand and adhere to the UKLC Safeguarding Policy and Child Protection Policy as referred to in the Operating and Safeguarding Handbook OSH. They will also be responsible for quality assurance in terms of obtaining, measuring and collating feedback from students and leaders and passing it on to Centre Management and Head Office.

Our centre manager was very organised in ensuring that everyone knew what they were doing and felt confident to do so. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at York, it has really secured my decision in wanting to be a coach in the future.

They were looking for new teachers to go on a month-long ‘Leonardo’ work experience placement in Spain. I thought it was too good to miss! In no time at all I was on a week-long residential training course in Cheshire and soon after that in Spain itself, in Elche Alicante , where I had a wonderful four weeks teaching full time in a language academy.

I pretty much worked out there and then that was where my future lay. I made some great friends too! This summer I worked in York again and also in Southampton. UKLC very much treat you as part of their ‘family’. I would strongly recommend UKLC. Working for this company led me to make a move away from secondary public school teaching to the world of EFL permanently.

So along with a career path and clear goals I also have to thank UKLC for some unforgettable memories. The past three years have given me some amazing new friends, some who return every year and become like family. I clearly remember my first day as a Centre Manager. I was loaded up with paper after paper by the college, keys, keys and more keys, and I had so many new places to familiarise myself with. What got me through those days was knowing that, at any moment, I could speak to Celine or Nathan and they would always be there to listen or advise.

Although centre managing requires a huge amount of independence, I have never once felt I was on my own. I confess I was initially skeptical, thinking that this claim might be mere marketing platitude, but all my years working with UKLC have borne this claim out. It really is an extremely friendly environment to work in, with mutual respect running from the top of the organization and encompassing everyone involved, UKLC staff, students at the schools, group leaders and the staff at the centres.

Working for UKLC has always been a pleasure. It feels almost wrong to call it work, considering that you get paid to have fun and spend time with genuinely good people. No matter which role you take at the company, there is a spirited sense of togetherness. I started working for the company as an Activity Leader at a summer school. Later, I took advantage of the fantastic opportunity brought about by the Leonardo Project, which allowed me to gain work experience as a teacher in Spain. This gave me the confidence and expertise to work for UKLC as a teacher at two different schools in England.

All of these experiences have exceeded expectations whilst making me realise that hard work needn’t feel like hard work. I had recently completed an online course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language so I was keen to put my qualification to use. I have enjoyed my work with UKLC because of the support from senior members of staff, as well as the opportunity to meet lots of new people — students and staff alike.

I was also able to teach a variety of lessons and gain valuable teaching experience which I am certain will be helpful when I eventually move to China to begin a career in teaching English. The effective management of the centres and teachers has enabled me to focus on my relations with the students. A flexibility that allows me to reflect the mood of the class onto re-engaging with the students. As a teacher, establishing a pleasant rapport with all my students, turning a lesson interesting is what has made me come back.

You really are part of a family when working for UKLC. It is very well organised! UKLC ensures that students have as much fun as you can pack into a short visit, while improving their English.

The curriculum works well and there are plenty of colleagues around to help, give advice and offer ideas. Classes and activities are designed to be fun and engaging, and every member of staff is encouraged to bring their personality and enthusiasm into the classroom. I am particularly impressed by the team work and acceptance of diversity in both centres.

My main task was to help ensure that students and staff stayed safe, healthy and happy. I also enjoyed being a go-to person and a link between wonderful students, Group Leaders and staff. Preparation and training, including First Aid and updates on Child Protection, were excellent and always highly relevant. As a qualified and experienced languages teacher I also appreciated being given the opportunity to teach on the Ministay courses in September, which were extremely well organized.

It was rewarding in every way. The support from the vastly experienced team and the environment created was one I immediately knew I could thrive in. The team at both sites I worked, Chichester and London, became a family and I made some great friends in the process.

Please email an up-to-date copy of your CV to [email protected]. Sports and Activity Instructor — it is desirable to have a relevant governing body coaching qualification in at least one or two sports. We welcome anyone with relevant experience either in sports coaching or EFL.

However, we are happy to consider newly qualified teachers and instructors who are looking to gain their first experience in a friendly and supportive environment. In order to give an extra helping hand to our newly qualified candidates, we offer free training in the lead up to summer at various locations. Please contact us for more details. On our application form you, can state your three preferences and these will be taken into consideration. We try as hard as possible to offer work to people in the locations they request but be aware that some of the more popular centres will fill up quickly.

Also, as we have a strong policy of staff development, we like to offer priority to returning staff in terms of centre choice and contract length. The contract lengths vary from centre to centre, ranging from minimum two weeks to maximum 8 weeks.

Candidates are invited for a two-stage interview usually by Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams conducted by two members of the Recruitment team. Do you have students aged between 8 and 17 years old looking for a high-quality residential English Language course in the UK? We can also put you in touch with an approved study travel agent in your area. Send us an enquiry here and one of our staff will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Are you an agent organising residential English language programmes for young people? Are you interested in representing UKLC? Contact us for more information: [email protected].

Why Choose Us? Our Locations. York ST. Peter’s School, York Pellentesque eget risus enim. Italy only Integration into a UK School. Available Dates Please refer to each individual location for exact dates. Available Dates Please refer to each location for exact dates. English Plus Intensive English Additional English lessons for those who really want to maximise their language learning during their stay in the UK. English Plus Life Skills The purpose of this course is to develop students in a way that is going to be useful to them as they go on to become young adults.

Teacher Training Programmes We have a long and successful track record in the delivery of teacher training programes. Available Dates 2nd January – 18th December Virtual Ministay Despite uncertainty around travel restrictions and the ever-changing situation with Covid globally, it is clear more than ever, that student are desperate to continue their language learning.

Available Dates Year-round. Available Dates 1st August – 19th December excluding July. University Explorer Programme Our University Explorer programme is a 3 week course for ambitious students aged years old.

Mini Stays UKLC offer programmes for ministays and closed groups in the historic city of Chester, beautiful Bristol and close to the nations’ capitals London and Edinburgh. Residence and homestay accommodation available. Italy only We have worked with partner agencies and tour operators to create a specific program of study, activities and excursions to fulfill the requirements of P.

Available Dates 1st August – 30th June Integration into a UK School New for , UKLC are excited to offer our groups the opportunity to immerse themselves into the British education system, by participating in an integration programme. Available Dates 7th September – 27th June Our Objective Our objective is to enable students of all abilities to improve their English in a safe, relaxed, comfortable and friendly environment while enjoying the best experience of life in the UK.

Our Agents We work exclusively with approved agents, with whom we aim to build long-lasting relationships. The Team. Academic We know how important it is for each individual student to find their own path in language learning. It makes games into lessons and lessons into games. Available in levels A1-C1. ACTION Ages : lessons specifically designed to engage our older students through more abstract tasks, topics and contemporaty issues.

Students are taught in class sizes up to Students aged between 11 and 17 who are enrolled on Multi Activity or English Plus courses will be divided by age for activities where numbers allow and it is beneficial to do so. Students aged between 15 and 17 can in some centres choose whether to enroll on the Multi Activity or English Plus course or follow age specific intensive English course.

Welfare As Specialists in programmes for young people aged , safeguarding children is fundamental to the way UKLC views and ensures the wellbeing of its students. We are recognised for our strengths in this area having developed robust systems and processes for managing the welfare of children in our centres.

It is available to agents in the Agent Login Area on the website. All staff undergo appropriate background and safeguarding checks A dedicated Safeguarding and Welfare Coordinator at every site All students are given an induction lesson highlighting the rules for that centre. All group leaders are given an induction talk when they arrive which detail their responsibilities towards their group but also as an adult at a residential centre.

We work with group leaders to ensure their students have a safe and enjoyable stay, taking full responsibility for students when they are in lessons and on scheduled activities. UKLC staff are available 24 hours a day for any issue that may arise. There is an 24 hour emergency number for partner agents, parents and students. All students get given a UKLC wristband and lanyard to be worn at all times.

Individuals are allocated to a member of UKLC staff who will act as their group leader and point of reference at all times. Downloads Handbook. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Many thanks.

Teaching Available Downloads. Maya’s No Mercy ultimate combo moves are summoning an elephant to fall on her enemy and shrinking them with a ray from her headband. In Killer Instinct for Xbox One, Maya returns, now heavily redesigned with Incan-inspired armor and part of a secret society of monster hunters known as the Night Guard, sealing away artifacts and monsters too powerful to destroy.

Growing up in the clan’s Andes citadel alongside her twin sister Mira, the two would often explore the passages below, with Maya developing a fascination with “Temperance” and “Vengeance”, a pair of cursed daggers once used by Kan-Ra. Years later, the two become full agents of the Night Guard, becoming one of the clan’s best monster-hunting teams.

On one particular mission, Mira sacrifices herself to save Maya, leaving the remaining sister with survivor’s guilt.

As a result, her actions on missions become careless and end up exposing the Night Guard to the world, attracting ARIA’s attention. Maya is left as the last surviving member of the Night Guard and takes up Temperance and Vengeance, which have begun to take hold of her mind, to hunt down both him and the monsters that escaped.

With Aganos’ help, she eventually finds and defeats Kan-Ra, sending him through a portal to another dimension, but peering into the portal, she receives a vision of an impending invasion by the forces of Gargos and vows to reform the Night Guard and gain allies to fight in the coming war.

She recruits Jago, Orchid, and T. Combo to her cause, but they are ambushed by Ultratech forces and trapped, only to be spared as ARIA recalls her agents following Gargos’ summoning. Maya’s revealing jungle bikini earned her a place among the “Worst Dressed of ” according to Nintendo Power. Tusk is a barbarian who wants to fight all of the challengers for the right to destroy Gargos. In his ending, he and Maya are married following the defeat of Gargos.

His ultimate-combo moves are summoning a meteor shower to pummel his opponent with a large one crushing them and summoning a dinosaur which eats the opponent. Tusk appears as a playable character in the third season of Killer Instinct for Xbox One.

He has been re-imagined as an ancient barbarian warrior who led his people against Gargos’s Mimic forces when they attempted to invade thousands of years ago.

Though felled by Gargos, Tusk is brought to the Astral Plane by the godlike Ichorian race, who grant him the gift of immortality and the mythical blade Warg-gram. Tusk’s resurrection catches Gargos off guard, wiping out his Mimics and forcing him to retreat, earning the title of “Watchman of the Gods”. The barbarians he travels with give him the name “Tunth-ska”, or “Tusk”, due to his sword’s resemblance to a walrus’s tooth.

Tusk survives for millennia without aging, becoming world-weary and distancing himself after watching friends and family grow old and die. Two years prior to Season 3, Tusk battles Shadow Jago in a Swedish village, and is defeated by his Oblivion Shard relic, which wipes his memories in the process. However, Warg-gram badly burns Shadow Jago when he attempts to take it, forcing him to retreat. Hisako finds the comatose Tusk and seals him and Warg-gram in an ice cave so he can recover.

Tusk awakens two years later, but has lost many of his memories, including his original purpose. He builds a cabin from the remains of his old ship the Wavewalker, attempting to regain his lost memories, and Warg-gram shows him visions of both Gargos and Kim Wu. However, he is found and captured by Cinder, forcing Tusk to destroy the ship and crash back into the ice. During Gargos’s invasion, Gargos sends his minions to retrieve Warg-gram, as it will give him the power to slay even immortal beings.

Tusk receives help from Kim Wu, who recruits him to the Alliance, though he begins to be tempted by Gargos’s promise of removing his immortality and allowing him to finally die. An ancient war golem , the last of its kind. Constructed as one of a thousand by powerful Mycenaean artisans roughly years prior, the golem is powered by the Eye of the Ancients, a relic granting him sentience and power from the Astral Plane.

Following the fall of Mycenae, invaders remove the gem, making the golem subservient, and it serves various masters as an obedient tool of war for a thousand years, replacing its damaged parts with whatever natural materials are available.

Years later, learning of the traitor Kan-Ra’s survival and growing dark power, the now dying King orders Aganos to hunt down and kill Kan-Ra. As thanks for his kindness, Aganos pledges to fulfill his master’s last request, and has since pursued Kan-Ra for centuries, though neither has yet been able to destroy the other.

Eventually, during one of their battles, Kan-Ra is captured by the Night Guard and imprisoned for over years until the present day, when Ultratech’s attack on the city releases him. Forced to resume his pursuit, Aganos allies with Maya to track down Kan-Ra and destroy him.

Kan-Ra lays a trap for Aganos and steals most of his energy before escaping, leaving him too weak to fight back as Cinder installs Fulgore technology into him, allowing Ultratech to control Aganos’s mind. Sent to attack Maya and her allies, he is ultimately freed from Ultratech by Thunder, who offers to help Aganos find Kan-Ra in exchange for help finding Eagle, to which Aganos agrees. Aganos is the largest character in the Killer Instinct series. He has the ability to gather natural materials into his body, affecting his strength and maneuverability.

These resources can be used as projectiles or to create destructible barriers behind or in front of himself, changing the boundaries of the stage. Beginning in the late s, the Ultrafine Atomic Technologies Company, later rebranded as Ultratech, began attempting to simulate life and human frailty through a computational matrix.

Called the Advanced Robotics Intelligence Architecture, or ARIA, the experiment was meant to find an end to famine, disease, poverty, and other forms of human suffering, with founder Ryat Adams hoping to make amends for the atrocities he committed during World War II and cure the degenerative disease killing his wife. Using knowledge and technology gained from the Roswell UFO incident , Ultratech continues to refine and enhance the ARIA core program over many years, drastically expanding its capabilities and understanding of the human condition.

Following the passing of Adams, his will includes instructions for ARIA to continually run its programming to achieve its original purpose. In the present, ARIA leads Ultratech and carefully studies the rest of the cast during the first season.

Believing humanity has grown weak and complacent as extraterrestrial and supernatural phenomena become more frequent, ARIA decides to force humanity to evolve by any means necessary. She enacts a plan to “prepare the way”, building an army of Fulgores and Stalkers, stealing Glacius’ DNA for use in Project Cinder, and tricking Kan-Ra into opening a rift to another dimension.

ARIA’s plan succeeds, and she summons Gargos’s forces to Earth, planning to use her armies to defeat the demon and become humanity’s savior and ruler. Realizing she cannot succeed alone, she decides to form an alliance with Maya’s forces to stand against the coming threat. The three share basic moves with the others, but each has its own set of unique special moves and properties, with ARIA able to switch between bodies during a fight and use all three at once during Instinct mode.

Eagle is a Native American warrior and Thunder’s younger brother. A former winner of the Killer Instinct tournament, Eagle publicly protested the evils of Ultratech, leading to his mysterious disappearance shortly thereafter. Thunder enters a later tournament hoping to discover the truth of what happened, but is led to believe Eagle perished at Ultratech’s hands, though no body was ever found.

After undergoing a vision quest, he begins training to become an ultimate fighter, though he never tells Thunder what he saw. Following their parents’ death, Eagle becomes a member of the Disavowed and infiltrates the first Killer Instinct tournament hoping to find incriminating evidence, but he is found and captured, with Ultratech publicly reporting him as being killed in the tournament.

Eagle’s body is kept in stasis while ARIA locks his mind in a virtual world, interacting with him via a holographic avatar to study his mind and using his brain as a template for the Fulgore Mk. III’s neural network. Ultimately, he is freed from Ultratech by Glacius, who escapes the facility with his body. To help him recover his strength, Glacius augments Eagle’s body using his technology and builds him a robotic bird to assist him in battle, and the two ally themselves to destroy ARIA and Ultratech.

While only being mentioned in Thunder’s backstory in the original Killer Instinct , and playing a minor role in the Killer Instinct comic series, Eagle was later made a playable character following Season Three of the Killer Instinct. His fighting style utilizes a cybernetic Tech Short Bow, for which he carries a small supply of arrows; these can be recovered after being fired by picking them up off the ground during battle.

Eagle is also aided by a robotic Weyekin Bird, whom he can command to attack opponents or retrieve stray arrows. Like with Thunder, Microsoft worked closely with the Nez Perce to maintain authenticity to the tribe’s culture when designing the character. Shortly after her 19th birthday, Chiharu rejects the advances of a renegade shogun ‘s son and shames him in combat; days later, she returns from training to find the shogun’s forces have retaliated by burning her village and murdering many of the villagers, including her entire family.

Enraged, Chiharu takes up her father’s naginata and continues his battle, slaughtering many of the raiders. Though she, too, is killed, her heroic sacrifice inspires the other villagers to fight even harder, successfully repelling the invaders.

However, in the present, the village and her family’s grave are desecrated by Ultratech due to ARIA’s desire to study life after death, attempting to draw Hisako out. Defeating other supernatural beings to absorb their power and remain on the Mundane Plane, Hisako finds and defeats ARIA, allowing her spirit to rest.

However, Tatsunari’s spirit appears to her and warns her of the danger Gargos poses to the Astral and Mundane Planes and she chooses to act as a gatekeeper between the two, seeking to prevent Gargos’s forces from escaping. This causes Chiharu’s spirit to be cleansed of her vengeance and be reborn as a celestial being, freeing her from the bonds of her grave, and she takes on the new name of “Shin Hisako”. Hisako uses a “Wrath meter” that gives her attacks the added effect of becoming counter-hits, even when her opponent does not attack, as well as a teleport, a low dash, and several command grabs.

Following Season 3, a new version of Hisako, named Shin Hisako, was introduced; this version wields a Katana in place of a Naginata, and has completely different moves and properties, including the ability to summon a spirit that can be converted into a projectile or a homing target for Shin Hisako’s teleport and leaping attacks. A year-old Babylonian sorcerer. He was a royal vizier who began researching immortality after developing a fascination with Aganos, the golem that served as the King’s royal guard.

His continued research into the dark arts leads him to attempt to steal the throne, planning to use a spell to seduce the Queen and have her murder the King. However, the spell wears off prematurely and the Queen kills herself out of guilt, exposing Kan-Ra’s treachery. In retaliation, the King exiles him and orders his sorcerers to curse him with a withering rot that slowly disintegrates his flesh and organs.

To prevent the rot from overtaking him, Kan-Ra places even more curses on himself to offset the rot’s effects, seeking out magical artifacts and talismans to ease the pains brought on from the additional curses. He has since clashed many times with Aganos, under orders to destroy the sorcerer, but neither has ever managed to eliminate the other.

Over the years, Kan-Ra uses his dark magic to secure places of power in many civilizations, including deceiving an Inca tribe into believing he was a god and forcing them to build a citadel for him to conduct his studies, seeking to open a door to the Astral Plane to harness its power.

However, after being weakened in a battle with Aganos, he is unable to defend himself against the Night Guard, who burn him alive and lock away his ashes in the citadel, which they claim for themselves. Centuries later, an attack by Ultratech on the city accidentally releases him, and he escapes.

Stealing Glacius’s power core from Sadira, he uses it to create a Siphon, draining the energy from his foes to restore his own. Discovering Omen, he opens a portal to the Astral Plane in the citadel to study him further, but is thrown in by Maya and discovers Gargos’s army of Shadow Lords. Believing he can control them, Kan-Ra steals Aganos’s energy and uses it to fully open the portal, but he inadvertently frees Gargos’s minions in the process.

Seeking redemption, he joins the Alliance and begins creating tools to weaken and defeat Gargos, but in secret, he seeks to subjugate both Gargos and those who would oppose him, taking their powers for his own. Kan-Ra uses a fighting style based around magic and matter manipulation. He uses a number of ranged attacks, combined with ground and air-based trap techniques.

A prototypical combat android manufactured by Ultratech. Prior to creating the Fulgore line, Ultratech develops a line of cyborgs under the codename UA-CCIX, utilizing chain gun arms and high-caliber artillery in place of plasma -blade claws. However, despite its effectiveness at killing, the machine’s combustible engine is prone to overheating and its teleportation system suffers frequent glitches.

Deemed too unstable to be viable, Ultratech ultimately cancels the project in favor of the Fulgore Mk 1, though several hundred are produced before the decision is made. Most are sent to the scrapheap, but one unit begins to develop self-awareness and rewrites its own code to account for its hardware deficiencies.

Years later, ARIA attempts to reactivate Kilgore to aid in the fight against Gargos, but it goes rogue and begins terminating Fulgore units. Kilgore shares several attacks and animations with Fulgore, but is also capable of chain gun fire for fast long-range combat.

Using multiple chain gun attacks in succession will increase their rate of fire. However, repeated use of chain gun attacks will cause Kilgore’s arms to overheat, giving bullets the ability to inflict fire damage but decreasing their range and firing rate. Kilgore can manually vent his arms and cool them, returning them to their normal state; venting will also occur automatically after a short period of time.

Activating Kilgore’s Instinct will give chain gun fire its overheated properties without sacrificing its range or rate of fire. Kilgore can also use rocket propulsion both as an offensive move and a means of quickly moving around the stage. The two grow up together and, under their father’s tutelage, become the Night Guard’s best team of hunters.

On a mission to kill the “New Tsar” and his coven of vampires in the Siberian Mountains, Mira and Maya are cornered by the monsters and Maya is severely wounded.

To save her sister, Mira triggers a cave-in that traps her beneath the rubble but allows Maya to escape, presuming Mira to be dead.

However, the Coven retrieve her body and present her to the Tsar, who mutates her into a vampiress and grants her the Gloves of Rasavatham, a pair of gauntlets that allow her to convert her blood into liquid metal for weaponized use.

Gradually becoming smitten with her new power, she swears fealty and spends the next five years doing various jobs for the Tsar, ascending the Coven’s ranks. On the orders of the Tsar, who swears allegiance to Gargos while plotting to steal his power and rule the Earth, she breaks into Castle Sabrewulf and steals the Book of Khepri, an artifact capable of opening dimensional portals, seeking to access the Astral Plane and create a rift large enough for Gargos to escape.

During Gargos’s invasion, she attempts to lure Maya to join her side, though she turns against Gargos after his minions kidnap and hold Maya hostage. Mira’s abilities include an airdash, summoning bats , and shapeshifting into an invulnerable mist state, with her attacks doing heavy damage. However, her Blood Offering technique causes her to sacrifice some of her remaining health with each special move, turning a portion of her remaining health silver.

She can heal some of this recoverable health using her Embrace command grab, but she takes damage very easily and will still be defeated if she runs out of red health regardless of the recoverable health remaining. Mira’s existence was initially leaked from an early build of Season 3, before being officially teased by the developers in Tusk’s trailer. A winged demon calling himself the Herald of Gargos. He serves his master without question, promised his own kingdom on Earth in exchange for his obedience.

Originally too weak to exist on the Mundane Plane outside of a physical host, he briefly possesses Jago under Gargos’s orders, transforming him into Shadow Jago and using him to strike down potential threats and feed shadow energy back into the Astral Plane.

Ultimately, Jago’s will proves too strong and Omen is forced out, but by battling foes while controlling Jago’s body, he gains enough shadow energy to create a corporeal form for Omen that can manifest on the Mundane Plane, with Shadow Jago becoming his own being as well. Though he shares some basic moves with Jago, Omen has several unique abilities, including a mid-air dash, multiple types of projectiles with random effects, and a Shadow attack called Demonic Despair that converts all remaining health into white health if it connects.

Born in a refugee camp on the Thai border, Sadira survives by training in muay boran from a young age, developing a taste for violence. As a teenager, she is recruited by the Red Eyes of Rylai, a female insurgent group, and quickly rises up their ranks, with the Master of the Red Eyes treating her as a daughter. Eventually, Sadira becomes their top assassin , but develops rash behavior and a superiority complex.

One night, during a ceremonial battle, she poisons and kills the Master and takes her spider necklace, which comes to life and bites her, imbuing her with a dark power and spiderlike abilities. Under Sadira’s leadership, the Red Eyes expand to become a global force for assassinations.

However, the power core is stolen from her by Kan-Ra before she can use it, and when she starts digging up Hisako’s grave, this awakens the spirit, who pursues her relentlessly and seriously wounds her. She returns to her lair and only barely survives an attack by Cinder, ordered by ARIA to eliminate her for her failures.

The first villainess to be featured in the series, Sadira fights using blades on her forearms and webs she can produce from her body. Her gameplay is based around aerial juggle combos, a mechanic not seen in previous Killer Instinct titles. She was first revealed as part of the Thunder combo trailer, where CVG said she was “reminiscent of Mortal Kombat ‘ s Mileena in terms of design”; [40] her name was revealed in a later stream by the developers.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Black Orchid Killer Instinct. Main article: Fulgore. Main article: Jago Killer Instinct. For the video game, see Sabre Wulf. Main article: Arbiter Halo. Retrieved Dorkly Article.

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The Master is a recurring character in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who and its associated spin-off works. They are a renegade alien Time Lord and the childhood friend, later archenemy of the title character, the Doctor. Multiple actors have played The Master since the character’s introduction in Within the show’s narrative, the change in actors and subsequent change of the character’s appearance is sometimes explained as The Master taking possession of other characters’ bodies or as a consequence of regenerationwhich is a biological attribute that allows Time Lords to survive fatal injuries.

The Master was originally played by Roger Delgado from until his death in Gomez portrayed привожу ссылку first female incarnation of The Master, known as Missy.

The Master returned in in the two-part episode Spyfallportrayed by Dhawan, who is the youngest actor to play the role. The creative team conceived of The Master as a recurring villainfirst appearing in Terror of the Autons The Master’s title was deliberately chosen by producer Barry Letts and script editor Terrance Dicks because, like The Doctor, it was a title conferred by an academic degree.

A sketch of three “new characters” for the other two being Jo Grant and Mike Yates suggested he was conceived to be of “equal, perhaps even superior rank, to Microsoft office enterprise 2007 25 character product key free Doctor.

Barry Letts had one man in mind for the role: Roger Delgadowho had a long history of playing villains and had already made three attempts to be cast in the series. Malcolm Hulke spoke of the character and his relationship with The Doctor: jago microsoft access 2016 free was a peculiar relationship between The Master and The Doctor: one felt that The Master wouldn’t really have liked to eliminate The Doctor A would-be universal conqueror, The Master wants to control the universe.

In The Deadly Assassinhis ambitions are described as becoming “the master of all matter”. In The Sea DevilsThe Master mentions that the “pleasure” of seeing the destruction of the human race, of which The Doctor is fond, would be “a reward in itself. The Master, as played by Roger Delgadomakes his first appearance in Terror jago microsoft access 2016 free the Autonswhere he allies with the Nestene Consciousness to help them invade Earth. This allows The Master to contact the reptilian Sea Devils, the former rulers of Earth, so he can help them retake the planet from humanity.

The Master convinces The Doctor to help him build jago microsoft access 2016 free that would bring the Sea Devils out of their millions of years of hibernation. Still, The Doctor sabotages the device by overloading it, destroying the Sea Devil base, and preventing war between humanity and jago microsoft access 2016 free.

The Master subsequently escapes in a hovercraft. The Doctor reveals in this serial that The Master was once a “very good friend” jago microsoft access 2016 free his. Delgado’s last appearance as The Master is in Frontier in Spacewhere he works alongside the Dalek and Ogron races to provoke a war between the Human and Draconian Empires. The scheme fails, and The Master escapes after he shoots at The Doctor.

Delgado was slated to return in a serial called The Final Gamewhich ссылка на подробности have been the season 11 finale. However, he died in a car crash in June jago microsoft access 2016 free, and the story was never produced.

Special effects makeup was applied to Pratt to give The Master a corpse-like appearance. Found by Chancellor Goth Bernard Horsfall on the planet Tersurus, The Master is revealed to be in his final regeneration and near the end of his final life.

The Master attempts to gain a new regeneration cycle by using the artifacts of Rassilonthe symbols of the President of the Council of Time Lords, to manipulate the Eye of Harmony at the cost of Gallifrey. Though the plot fails, The Master manages to cheat death by transferring his essence into the body of a Traken scientist named Tremas Anthony Ainley and overwriting his host’s mind.

The Master’s final appearance in the classic series is in Survivaltrapped on the planet of the Cheetah People and under its jago microsoft access 2016 free, which drives its victims to savagery. Though The Master manages to escape the doomed planet, he ends up back on the planet prior to its destruction when he attempts to kill the Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy. The Master was the primary antagonist of the Doctor Who television jago microsoft access 2016 free.

He was played by American actor Eric Roberts. In the prologue, The Master windows 2016 pdf free briefly by Gordon Tipple is executed by the Daleks as a punishment for his jago microsoft access 2016 free crimes”. But before his apparent death, The Master requests his remains to be brought back to Gallifrey by the Seventh Doctor. Using his morphant body to break free from the container holding his remains, The Master sabotages the TARDIS console to force jago microsoft access 2016 free vessel to crash land in San Francisco at the start of Earth’s new millennium.

From there, The Master has the morphant enter the body of a paramedic named Bruce to take control of him. However, The Master finds his human host to jago microsoft access 2016 free unsustainable as the body slowly begins to degenerate, although The Master has the added abilities to spit an acid -like bile, both as a weapon and to mentally control victims as an alternative to his usual hypnotic abilities.

The Master attempts to access the Eye of Harmony to steal the remaining regenerations of the Eighth Doctor Paul McGannbut instead is sucked into it and supposedly killed. This makes Yana curious about his own fob watch and when he opens it he is reunited with The Master’s consciousness.

The Master kidnaps Martha’s family and conquers Earth. Jago microsoft access 2016 free ” Last of the Time Lords “, Martha spends a year working to save her family and to defeat The Master’s plan to wage war against the universe. The Master himself mentions that looking into the vortex as a child made “the drumming” choose him as a “call to war” in his head. The Master returns in ” The End of Time ” — when his disciples attempt a resurrection ritual using a surviving piece jago microsoft access 2016 free The Master’s body.

However, Lucy sabotages the ritual, bringing The Master back as a manic undead creature, hungry for human flesh and leaking electrical energy. The Master proceeds with a plot to transform the entire human /26298.txt into his own clones. The Master returns in the eighth series as a new female incarnation called “Missy” Michelle Gomezwhich is short for “Mistress”.

She reveals that she has created an “afterlife” from a Gallifreyan Matrix Data Sliceit stores the consciousness of dead people so they can eventually be made into Cybermen. In ” Death in Heaven “, Missy offers The Doctor control of her Cybermen army in the hopes of compromising his morality.

She is defeated when her Cyber army is destroyed, and appears vaporized when shot by the posthumously cyber-converted Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. Her demeanour seems little changed, and she has low regard for human life, but in the episode’s 2007 access templates free downloadshe jago microsoft access 2016 free remorseful tears for all the millions of deaths she has caused. However, The Master John Simm is aboard the ship and has initiated the cybermen’s genesis.

Missy’s loyalties are torn between The Doctor and her old self. After initially betraying The Doctor, she later stands alongside him against a Cyberman army, literally stabbing her jago microsoft access 2016 free self jago microsoft access 2016 free The Master to regenerate. Enraged at Missy becoming The Doctor’s ally, Jago microsoft access 2016 free Master shoots Missy with his laser screwdriver, ostensibly disabling her ability to regenerate and killing her.

During ” Spyfall ” the Thirteenth Doctor seeks out a former MI6 agent known as ‘O’ Sacha Dhawan who reveals himself as a new incarnation of The Master jago microsoft access 2016 free the cliffhanger, having killed the real O and assumed his identity. She lived throughout Gallifrey’s civilization and had her memory wiped on at least one occasion.

The Master attempts to kill the Lone Cyberman and persuades the Cyberium, an AI containing all Cybermen knowledge and history, to use his body as a host. Using the Cyberium, the Master creates a new Cyberman race with regenerative abilities from dead Time Lords.

The Doctor fails to defeat The Master using the “Death Particle”, which can destroy all organic life on a planet. Ko Sharmus, the Boundary guardian, blames himself for the new Cybermen race as he was responsible for hiding the Cyberium and failed. Dhawan’s Master is set to return in the centenary special. Delgado’s portrayal of The Master was that of a suave and charming sociopathic individual, able to be polite and murderous at almost the same time.

His design is a homage to the classic Svengali character: a black Nehru outfit with a beard and /44104.txt. Aspects of Simm’s portrayal of The Master parallel David Tennant’s Doctor, primarily in his ability to make light of tense situations and his rather quirky and hyperactive personality. According to the producers, this was done to make Jago microsoft access 2016 free Master more threatening to The Doctor jago microsoft access 2016 free having him take one of his opponent’s greatest strengths, [37] as well as making the parallels between the two characters more distinctive.

Michelle Gomez maintained Simm’s portrayal of the character, specifically the psychopathic behaviour and inappropriate emotional responses to certain situations. She also portrayed the original traditions of ruthless, murderous behaviour and grandiose, Machiavellian criminal intelligence that have been consistent throughout all incarnations. However, she also displayed a much ссылка на продолжение coquettish manner, with her new female identity allowing her to fully express aspects of The Master’s ambiguous bond with The Doctor as previously explored by Simm’s incarnation in “The Sound of Drums”.

She is also well aware that she is even more dangerously psychopathic than before, describing herself as “Bananas” to UNIT agent Osgood right before killing her ” Death in Heaven “.

However, when circumstances result in Missy being kept in a vault and monitored by The Doctor after an averted execution, Missy actually comes to show signs of remorse for jago microsoft access 2016 free she had done in the past, to the point that she prepares to side with The Doctor jago microsoft access 2016 free her own past self ” The Doctor Falls “. Dhawan’s Master returns to The Master’s love of evil for the sake of being evil, proclaiming at one point that he kills because he’s good at it and asking why he should ever stop.

While expanded media at least suggests that he is the incarnation after Missy, he often acts more like a dark counterpart to the Eleventh Doctor, talking rapidly about his plans but appearing genuinely dangerous when pushed.

He perceives this as creating a twisted link between The Doctor and himself. Both The Doctor and Adobe master cc 2019 v6 download Master have been shown to be skilled hypnotists, although The Master’s capacity to dominate — как сообщается здесь by stare and voice alone — has been shown to be far more pronounced.

In jago microsoft access 2016 free ways, we have the same mind. In “The End of Time,” The Master uses a увидеть больше of psychic technique, previously used by The Doctor to read the minds of others, allowing The Doctor to hear the constant ‘drumming’ inside The Master’s mind.

In the original Doctor Who series, The Master’s TARDISes have had fully functioning chameleon circuitshaving appeared as various things, including a horsebox[8] a spaceship, [11] a fir tree, [42] a computer bank[43] a grandfather clock[6] [16] a fluted architectural column[39] [40] [42] an iron maiden[41] a fireplace[39] a British Airways jet, [40] a cottage [44] and a triangular column.

She used a pair of them which were linked to one another, to transport herself and Clara Oswald to The Doctor’s ‘farewell party’ in medieval Essex “The Magician’s Apprentice”. Jago microsoft access 2016 free are destroyed in ” The Witch’s Familiar ” when, to avoid being killed by Daleksthey channel energy from the Daleks’ weapons to teleport them away, looking as if they were exterminated. This is the first time since the show’s revival that The Master’s Jago microsoft access 2016 free interior is shown on по этой ссылке and is noted to be the same size on the inside albeit when he was trying to deflect jago microsoft access 2016 free from himself.

The Master’s weapon of choice in the original show’s run was the “tissue compression eliminator,” which shrinks its target to doll-like proportions, killing them in the process.

Its appearance is similar to that of The Doctor’s tool, the sonic screwdriver. Despite his own fondness for the weapon, Russell T Davies decided against bringing it back for The Master’s reappearance in ” The Sound of Drums ” because The Master had too many new “tricks” to use against The Doctor.

During the course of ” Jago microsoft access 2016 free Sound of Drums ,” The Master unveils a new handheld weapon: a laser screwdriver. The device functions as a powerful laser weapon, capable of killing with a single shot. It also carries the ability to age victims rapidly using a miniaturized version of the genetic manipulator developed by Professor Lazarus ” The Lazarus Experiment “. The screwdriver is biometrically secured продолжение здесь that only The Master can use it.

After being stabbed by Missy, The Master shoots her with the laser screwdriver at “full blast,” which will prevent her regeneration and kill her permanently. It also contains a weapon that she uses to disintegrate Dr. Chang, Osgood, and Seb.

It allowed her to control airborne planes after she had frozen them in time and simultaneously disintegrate several UNIT guards. A more unusual feature, demonstrated in “Death in Heaven,” allows her to travel through the air like Mary Poppins. Missy says her brooch contains a Gallifreyan Dark Star alloy pin, given to her by The Doctor “when my daughter In “The Doctor Falls,” Missy uses a small blade concealed in her sleeve to stab her own past self, triggering his off-screen regeneration.

In “Spyfall,” the Tissue Jago microsoft access 2016 free Eliminator returns as The Master, having regained jago microsoft access 2016 free manic state, reveals he used it to steal the identity of an ally of The Doctor’s. He also used it to bring The Doctor to his mercy by threatening to use it on people in The Master has featured in numerous Doctor Who spin-offs. One of the most notable of these other appearances is David A.

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