The Newest Afro R&B Prodigy at Chocolate City Music- Noon Dave

Noon Dave is a new face in the Nigerian music industry, who recently got signed into Africa’s foremost record label, Chocolate City Music, and with his recently released debut single under CCM, ‘Brunch’, the artist is already on his way towards the limelight. The artist name ‘Noon Dave’ was derived from his love for the afternoon sun, as he is much calmer and focused whenever it’s noon. Almost like there is something about that time of the day which gives him some sort of drive to want to keep moving and being productive in his art.
"Time is a universal currency. At noon when the hands of the clock are aligned, it indicates that time is always at my side"

The artist’s love of music stems from growing up listening to songs of many genres such as R&B, Jazz, Soul, 80’s Pop music with very little of Afro music due to it not being as prevalent as it is today. He also inherited a bit of his love for music from his mother who was an idol to him while growing up. Noon Dave is highly influenced by major American artists such as Drake, Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez, and one notable Nigerian artist, Burna Boy.

Personally, he has interest in collaborating with majority of the artists that influence him, alongside Wizkid and ‘H.E.R music’ as he caters high admiration for all of them.

The 27 year old singer has always been in tuned with music from the get go but it was only at the age of 19 that he made the bold choice of taking it on as a career, and eventually in the year 2010, he began writing songs to further solidify his decision in pursuing music as a profession. The artist’s inspiration for songwriting comes from almost anything, be it personal experience, friends’ love lives or movies he has come across, it’s almost like there isn’t anything he can’t mine ideas from to create music from it.


Performance anxiety is not a new thing that artists suffer from, as there are many instances of concerts or shows being canceled by artist due to not having the right mindset at the time to perform, but as for Noon Dave, he has a variety of methods that he uses to counter performance anxiety, such as boosting his self esteem in order to crush any sort of negative energy that may hinder his performance on stage as well as reading and matching the energy of his audience.

Official Lyric Video

He believes that to be a great artist a musician must have the following attributes which are the ability to sound distinctive, showing a relatable side of themselves to the fans, being versatile in their craft, and able to get a clear message across through music.


Aside from music, he does have skills in other areas like dancing and skateboarding as he has been a skater since his secondary school years, and whenever he sees a skateboard lying around, an intense urge exudes him to take it up and skate.


Noon Dave is one who believes in love but he doesn’t quite know what an ideal partner is to him, as he is yet to determine what he craves to find in someone that could seal the deal. He is a nice guy with no vice of sorts, and wishes that if there was ever a chance of him getting a superpower that he would love for it to be healing, because he believes there is no other power more incredible than having healing as a superpower.


“there is nothing cooler than having the ability to heal anyone through the power music”.




Noon Dave aims to achieve the status of an award winning artist; raking in trophies such as grammys, billboards and Headies, and with how different and uniquely interesting his sound is compared to other artists in the industry, I would say his goal is pretty far from being far fetched.


Noon Dave is an incredible human being, who is always open to share his mind and insights in his artistry and music overall. It is interesting to see new artists grow first hand, and we are very much expecting to see what he has installed for his fans in the near future.

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